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2/10/08: Yesterday was one of the first nice days we have had in awhile. It got above 50 yesterday! So I took advantage of the warm weather and went and cleaned out the inside of the Mercury. Got a bucket of warm water and got all the soda cleaned up. Before I got the Mercury the summer before, some soda got left in the car. During a hot day a couple cans of that soda exploded inside... Rachel also went shopping and picked up a awesome shirt! Click here to see...

01/21/08: Well we made it through the holidays! We had a great time with the family and getting going on this new year. One thing I learned today is that Jan 21st is statistically the most depressing day of the year... Everyone is getting that first credit card bill from the holidays, weather is cold and sucky. We have been doing some small home improvements, painting and de-cluttering. We are both waiting on warmer weather go get back on some of our other bigger projects. We also know we need to get some new pictures uploaded and we are working on that... :-)

12/8/07 ~ It's freezing outside! The snow has been coming down for two days now and it looks like a winter wonderland out there. But this is what I love about living in Colorado: the weather doesn't make life come to a screeching halt. We went out to dinner tonight to stave off cabin fever and the roads were just as busy as they always are. We Coloradoans do what we need to do anyway; we just allow more time to get to where we need to go and dress in layers! I love this state!

12/8/07: We had some issues with our internet connection which made our web-page not reachable for awhile. I have finished moving everything out to my co-located server, which should provide better service. --Josh

12/06/07: Well this is our first post with the new web-site layout! We are excited about getting back on the web and being able to share pictures and updates with everyone.  We are still trying to get our content published up to the site so please check back often. --Josh