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On 10/27/10 the Merc had it's last drive. While heading into work that morning, south bound on highway 36th half way between Lyons and Boulder some deer had ran across the road. I did not hit the deer, but the truck in front of me.

One of my biggest projects right now is a 1995 Mercury Sable. This car was given to me by Rachel's parents. They gave it to me because they were having troubles selling it due to blown head gaskets. My plan was to turn this car into my new daily driver because it has the potential to be so much better then then 1997 Saturn I am using now. To date here is the list of what I have done:
  • I tore down the top part of the engine and took the heads over to US Automotive and Machine to be planed and have the valves re-done.
  • Once I got the heads back I put it back together with new gaskets, and head bolts.
  • While I was in there I replaced a number of other things such as hoses, belts, spark plugs, wires, etc, etc.
When I got the engine back together I could not get the timing right. No matter which way I adjusted the distributer, I could not get it right. I also in the process of putting the exhaust manifolds back on broke the dipstick tube. So I decided to take the car down to US Automotive and Machine to have them adjust the timing and fix my screw up with the dipstick. Once down at US Auto, they found that due to the heat the engine had experienced when the head gaskets were blown, the timing cover gasket was leaking like a waterfall. US Auto did:
  • Replaced timing cover and gasket. <The Timing cover was so warped from the heat they had to cut it off the engine>
  • Replaced the water pump <hey had it off anyway so might as well put a new one on>
  • Fixed the Oil dipstick tube
  • Got my timing all squared away <For the record I was two teeth off...>
So I have not really been able to drive the car as of yet was I discovered one last problem. The turn singles, brakes lights and hazards are not working. I think I have narrowed it down to the turn signal switch as it appears all these systems share a single ground. Waiting on parts...

12/6/07 - Well I got my new turn signal switch in, and that fixed the issues with the lights. So we took it out on a test drive and I think we are 98% there. The engine light keeps coming on, then off... And when I come to a complete stop, the engine idle is too low, and the oil light starts to flicker. Bring up the RPM and everything smooths out. Going to take it back to US auto in the morning and have them see what the engine code it. The car is a 95, so modern code readers won't read this old of a car.

12/12/07 - Well the saga continues... The engine light keeps coming on/off because of the damn O2 senors. They are working, just for what ever reason on both sides the computer is missing readings from them. So don't know if it id the O2 senors or something with the computer. Not too worried about it right now. The bigger problem is that we might need to roll a new set of bearings for the crank and rods. The bottom end is sounding a little rough. Because of the heat the engine saw this is more then likely what is going on, but at this point it's a coin toss without ripping into it. So we'll take that up after the holidays... Till then, I am going to work on cleaning up the inside of the car...