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I am a very proud owner of a 2006 Ford F250 XLT diesel. Often referred to as "The Rig", "The land barge", or some of the more hippie people call it "The Earth F**ker". This truck remains mostly stock with very minor modifications. Soon after I got the truck some friends from work and myself thought it would be a good idea to head up and have a 4x4 day. Nothing to extreme, two of us have large diesel trucks so can't go on narrow trails or anything like that.

We all decided to head up too Caribou trail outside Nederland Colorado. When we got to the mouth of the trail the it was still closed due to snow. So the four of us decided to head down the mountain and hit a nice scenic trail and just mess around. Well somehow we ended up taking a wrong turn and got on the wrong trail. This trail was not intended for our big trucks. Justin's Jeep did great and so did KC's F150 with the 6 inch lift.  You can check out pictures from that day on the link below. One picture we did not get, but wish we did, was we were coming down off the trail and we passed two guys in their jeeps. These jeeps were all decked out for the trails... Major upgrades, massive suspension setups, big tires whole 9 yards... And their eyes where as big as baseballs when they saw my F250 creeping down the trail.

4X4 Pics

Getting ready for this winter and did some upgrades to the rig. I got the bed of the truck coated with LINE-X. This I think is better then Rhino-Lining because LINE-X is based off rubber then plastic like Rhino. I also picked up a new set of floor mats for the rig. These things are great. They completely cover the floor so that no water can get through. Will get some pics hopfully soon.